You’re Invited! *updated*

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Hey ya! Isabelle and I have a 13 year anniversary living coming up, and u are all invited! My real birthday date is June 8 and Isabelle’s is June 28. So we picked the day in between.

UPDATE: Ok, so some of you are asking “Where do we meet?” well, we’ll meet at the huntresses chat: . That is not a spelling mistake. Thank you.

Apparently, it’s the same day as the solstice (lie), but don’t worry, the other event happens in the morning. this is at night. So RSVP by June 12 in the comments!!!
, Update Update: we are going to change the date of the party, due to the fact Isabelle can’t be online that day. Now, the party will be June 17, 2011. Same time, same place.

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6 thoughts on “You’re Invited! *updated*

  1. I don’t think I can make it,(Sorry.) my cousins are coming to stay for a few days.(From about Friday- Sunday.) I hope ya understand.

    • Hey, don’t worry about it, Cat. It’s fine if you can’t make it. We understand. ๐Ÿ™‚

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