How the hellhound problem went…

Did it go good? No. Did it go bad? No. Did any of us die? No. But, it was very… tough for all of us. We all did different things. Sadly, Lady Artemis could not help us. She had bigger problems than a few hellhounds. See, Gaea sent a few billion (yes, billion) rogue Nemean Lions to invade Olympus. And the only non lazy Olympians fought. So, it was only Lady Artemis, Lady Athena, Lady Hestia (WAS an Olympian, and I personally think she shouldn’t have given up her throne for Mr. D), and Poseidon. And we were by ourselves. Remember, this all happened at the same time, but from different points of vieww. So, our stories (alphabetical order):

Diana’s Story:

“Diana, please take the SouthEast woods!” There were the words that Diana heard Eliza tell her. She waited until the other Hunters got their assignment, thinking about rainbows, because she didn’t want to think about what was going on. But as usual, her speeding mind won out. Ok, hellhounds were invading. But only for a few days. So, as Eliza had said, there were probably about 350 by now, and if each Hunter got 50 hellhounds, it’d work greatly. She heard Eliza’s whistle to signal the Hunters to go. Diana felt her tracking skills kick in, and without a compass, she knew which way was the SouthEastern Woods. She ran, and came to a clearing. She knelt down to touch the ground. She could sense the hellhounds approaching rapidly. She got up, and whipped her knife out. She was awesome with a bow and arrow, but she felt that since the SouthEastern Woods were smaller, the monsters would be most closely packed . She heard distant pawing, and held her knife in front of her. A minute later, the hellhounds arrived.

This is chaos! thought Diana. But, she was doing fairly well. She had killed about 7 hellhounds already. She stabbed another, and it went down in dust. She killed a few more, and suddenly, she had only 17 more to go. She thought she heard a distinct Boom! but she was sure she could attend to that after this, She stabbed 2 more, and hurled her knife at one. Diana had judjed the space perfectly, and the monster died, however, she remembered with a start that the only weapon she had right now was her knife. So Diana racked her brains. She remembered, a long time ago, in the orphanage, how she had flipped with her boots. Trying not to freak out, Diana launched herself into a backflip, hitting a hellhound with all her force. She took a deep breath, and landed on the ground powerfully. It shook lightly, and a few more hounds fell. Diana fianlly did the last move. She slid under a monster, thinking I’m stupid and she bit the hellhound. It melted. She reached for her knife, lying a few feet away from her, and finished of the last monsters. But at that moment, she felt her hair stand on one end. She knew something was wrong, and she threw her knife into the air, and fell. The darkness took over.

Diana, checking the ground.

Eliza’s Story:

This will be easy, Eliza thought to herself. But she couldn’t fool herself. Sh cleared her throat, and told everyone their assignments for the Battle. “Diana, please take the SouthEast Woods!” she said bravely. Everyone was staring at her, determined. She knew she could do it. “Isabelle, take the NortheWest Woods.” Isabelle nodded. “Selina, take the waterfall river, NorthEast Woods! Lily, take the East Woods!” Eliza continued. So far no one was arguing, though she did see Lily blush, and look down, worried. “Shadow, take the skies! Icecream, take the West Woods! I’ll take the North Woods.” She blew her whistle, and she saw everyone run off, but she saw Lily run after Isabelle. Eliza looked up through her gray eyes, and saw Sunny and Starlight in a nearby tree. This was no time to warn them though. She took off on her own.

Eliza’s first impression: wrong. This all seemed wrong! They were young! Did they really need to be fighting hellhounds? She shook her head and pulled out her old sword. The hellhounds started coming in immediately. Of course. They wouldn’t be late. Eliza hacked and slashed, and she realized she only had 10 hellhounds to go. Not hard. She could do this, She finished them off in a few minutes. Eliza could hardly believe it! She had killed her share of helhounds. But her happiness did not last long. She saw a flash of brightness, a “shiny thing” she called it, and she heard a boom, very close to her. Luckily, she had jumped, so she was fine. She could tell all the hellhounds were dead, but instead of cheering, shee heard nothing. This was not normal. She chargen into the Main Woods, to see what was wrong. She looked and looked, and finally, she found Lily. But this couldn’t be right. Why was Lily holding Diana’s knife? And why was Lily unconscious? She looked at the sky, felt something pierce her leg, and fell crumpled in pain. But before she lost it with the oain, she thought she heard something say “Oh gods! No!”

Eliza, looking for the "shiny thing".

Icecream’s Story:

Icecream was psyched! She was going to prove herself by taking on the West Woods! She hopped on her unicorn, and it ran to the West Woods. She saw her green hair flying behind her, and thought about how pretty it looked. But then she remembered that she could think about ther hair lated, Right now, she had 50 hellhounds to send to Tartarus. When she had arrived, all the hellhounds were already there. To her luck, only 33 remaned, seeing as they had gotten bored and killed each other. She whooped with joy, and started destroying monsters in her unicorn’s back, and her unicorn kindly used it’s horn as a great weapon! She grinned, and looked down. Something looked wrong. There was water. Wasn’t the water supposed to be near the North or something?Oh well, she could deal with that later.

Icecream killed her last two using her spiky unicorn horn’s power, and looked at her work. It had gone amazing! Better than amazing! She’d gotten rid of 50 hellhounds, and now she could go help the others. She ran into the Main Woods, and saw lightning. And there was a Boom! Cool, she thought happily;she liked Boom! However, she thought she was the only one celebrating. Why? She looked at the floodwaters. Hmm… She looked all around, and she finally saw something glint. It looked… Pink, she decided. Like Lily’s hair. She went on, but she heard other footsteps. She hid behind a tree, and saw Eliza come out. But just as Eliza saw Lily, something pierced Eliza’s thigh. An arrow. She saw Eliza crumple next to an unconscious Lily, to in pain to hear some distant shouting. But Icecream went totals the arrow out. It was a Hunter arrow. Icecream hadn’t heard exactly what the shouting had said, but the arrow told her enough. Her grin vanished. A hunter hadhurt another Hunter. The lieutenant. Icecream ran back to her unicorn go see what would happen now.

Icecream, making hellhounds go bye bye.

Isabelle’s Story:
Isabelle started running off when she heard Eliza’s whistle, but she stopped whenshe heard Lily’s voice. “Isabelle! Bella!” Isabelle turned around. “Look, um, I haven’t got a weapon. Do you have something extra?” Isabelle frowned. “Where’s your knife and bow?” Lily shrugged. Isabelle shrugged too. Now was not the time to be running around, asking for long explanations. Isabelle thought Hmm. So which weapon? She had her silver bow slung over her shoulder, with her arrows, and her knife was at the tent. But… “Here take my sword.” Isabelle handed Lily her gold sword. Lily frowned. “I didn’t know you had a sword.” she said holding it. But Isabelle just smiled and took off. But after a few minutes, Isabelle stopped. Where was she supposed to be? Well, that didn’t matter. Everyone else was fighting and she wasn’t! She grabbed her bow, and headed off to a hole.
She had seen this hole a few days ago. It was a path, and it led somewhere. Naturally, she went in it it was dark and long, and Isabelle had always been afraid of the dark. But she gritted her teeth and kept on going. After a while, she stopped. She had come to a dirt wall, and she saw a black box. She knew she probably shouldn’t touch it, but she wasn’t thinking. She notched an arrow, and shot it. It was horrible. It gave off a loud Boom and she felt herself on solid ground again. Sunlight was streaming through the trees. And Isabelle looked at herself. She was wearing it again. That stupid gold dress! She sat up. Had she just exploded a bomb? Yes, she thought so. She realized that the ground was slightly wet, and all was silent. She ran for a while. She saw something move. Immediately, she realized it must be a mo stet. Not this king again, she notched her Arrow (extremely powerful arrow that kills the object and everything within a hundred feet of it) and let it fly. She saw it fly, and it landed on a thigh. A human thigh. Eliza’s thigh. And next to her was Lily, and close was a flash if green hair. Icecream, Lily, and Eliza. Had she killed them all? Silence answered her. “Oh gods, no! Please no!” She turned on her heel and went to go kill her hellhounds. But when she came to them, they were no longer there. They were already dead? Had her bomb killed them? No. It wasn’t possible. Something else too. A bright flash.

Isabelle, after the bomb exploded, wearing the evil gold dress.

Lily’s Story:

Lily bit her lip. She’d given her bow and arrows to a friend at Camp Half Blood to use, and her Aphrodite siblings had hidden her knife. Again. She heard her assignment, and when Eliza’s whistle blew, she ran after Isabelle. “Isabelle! Bella!” sha called. Isabelle whipped around, and smiled at Lily. “Look, um, I haven’t got a weapon. Do you have something extra?” Lily asked. The smile melted of Isabelle’s face. “Where’s your knife and bow?” she asked Lily. Stolen and borrowed! screamed Lily’s head, but to Isabelle she just shrugged. Isabelle shrugged too. Then, she took out a long sword, and said “Here, take my sword!” Lily frowned, taking the golden sword. She dind’t know Isabelle had a golden sword. And if she did, then shouldn’t it be silver? “I didn’t know you had a sword…” she said hesistantly. But Isabelle had already smiled and taken off. Lily looked after her, and sighed. Great. Now she had an oversized golden toothpick to fight with. She walked around, and found her spot.

The hellhounds came by dozens. Lily thought she was doing fairly well for a daughter of Aphrodite though. She slashed with the sword, and kept on twirling with the golden sword. It was obeying her, unlike a certain knife and bow. She noticed the hellhounds dissappearing quickly. She was sure she had finished before everybody… but why did something feel wrong. She stood there, watching Shadow destroy extra hellhounds, but she didn’t see when a monster came up behind her. Lily tried to scream, but she couldn’t find her voice. The hellhound’s powerful teeth ripped the golden sword off her hands. Then she felt a current, a current whipping throughout her, she saw a knife fall into her hands, the hellhound dissolved, and she was on the ground.

Lily, destroying hellhounds

Selina’s Story:

The minute Selina heard she would take care of a watery landscape, she smiled. She heard the whistle, and she ran after the stream she had seen. She was barefoot, and she ran in the stream, feeling the cool water. She sensed monsters on her stream. This was not good. Nobody goes in my daddy’s territory without permission! she thought angrily. She arrived at the waterfall, and went behind it, so she would be invisible. She grabbed her silver bow, notched an arrow, and pulled it back, ready to shoot the first hellhound she saw. She spotted one, shot it, and brought it down. She kept up, her quiver filling up with arrows, but Selina was worried. Her arrows were supposed to be ever filling, however, a few times that had passed, as Artemis had told her, because so many Hunters were using so many arrows, the Cyclopes and Hephaestus couldn’t make them so fast. She worried, because if she ran out, she would have no weapon.

After some 40 hellhounds, the arrows stopped coming. She notched her last one, and aimed it perfectly so that it killed two hellhounds. But she still had 8 more. She screamed, hoping that maybe a nearby Hunter would hear, and come help her. However, no help came. Selina knew why. The rushing waterfall cut out her screams. So she just gritted her teeth, prayed to her Daddy for help, and felt something tug at her gut. Selina had never tried anything major, just simple waves, and breathing underwater, but now came a tidal wave, a tsunami. She hit the floor, and couldn’t get up. She was too tired. She lay there, din’t notice the Boom! or the flash of light that traveled into the water and shocked her, and she lay still. Unmoving. Unaware.

Selina, shooting a hellhound.

 Shadow’s story:

 Shadow was buzzing with nervousness. Eliza had told her to protect the skies. When she heard the piercing, whistle, she prayed to Zeus. Then, slowly but steadily, the winds picked up. She shot up, and she felt like she was standing on an exploding volcano. Minus the hotness, of course. She looked down, and saw Diana whipping monsters with a knife. On another place, Lily was swishing a golden sword. Lily has a golden sword? Shadow asked herself. But she just kept on watching. Eliza was slashing a sword, and Icecream was riding on a unicorn. She couldn’t see Selina, but she did see some arrows flying from behind the waterfall, so she figured that was Selina. And Isabelle… Well, Isabelle was probably under a tree or something. Shadow saw a stray hellhound, and went to fight it.

It wasn’t terribly hard. The wind looked like a twister, supporting her, She rose her shield, and pulled out her silver sword. Success! She killed it. She rose up again, keeping an eye out. After a while, it looked like everyone was done. Or at least, that’s what Shadow thought. But… there were some… oh no… Shadow realized there were about 40 more hellhounds. She didn’t think. She justyelled to the sky, and lightning came down, struck her sword, and traveled through her to the ground. She fell, stunnded, and just sat there. Well, at least all the hellhounds were probably dead. But she hadn’t hurt anybody, had she? No, she din’t think so. She put her head between her knees, just until the buzzing stopped, and then went to fin the others.

Shadow, killing, flying.

 What happened afterward…

Icecream found Shadow, and then they found Isabelle. Isabelle was sobbing, but she wouldn’t say why. They went to the waterfalls, and they found Selina, floating in the water. Shadow had a spare tent, and set it up. They lay Selina there, and Shadow stayed there, cleaning the wounds. Isabelle and Shadow split up, and Isabelle found Lily, holding Diana’s knife, and Eliza with the arrow in her thigh. Lily was out, but Eliza seemed to be alright. She was shivering though, and couldn’t move. At that point, Isabelle lost it and said that she must have died when she shot the arrow or when the bomb exploded, and she was in the Fields of Punishments. Eliza asked what was wrong. “You’re not Eliza! Hades, you’re torturing me! Real Eliza, if you can hear me in the alive world, I bet I killed you! And Lily! And Diana too, maybe! I’m sorry, Hades! I din’t know that she was Eliza! I thought she was a hellhound!” was what Isabelle screamed. Eliza just stared. After a long time, she asked what was up, and Isabelle told her the truth: she had shot the killer arrow. Isabelle decided that she and Eliza must have survived, but now Lily was probably dead. And Diana too. But then, Lily came to it, and said that the arrow had NOT harmed her. It had been a flash of light. Right then, Shadow arrived with Diana (alive), and Shadow explained that the lightning was hers. She had not meant any harm. They went to the tent and everyone was alright. The hellhound threat was gone. We all got better, and withing a day, we were back to normal, hunting, laughing, eating to much ambrosia (Isabelle, mostly), and laughing.

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