A tiny problem

I was  walking in the woods, looking for my knife, which I lost. Again. I was also carrying a candle, because even though I can see in the dark, I’m… kind of scared of the dark. No laughing. So anyway, I heard a rustle, and I was super tense, because I was thinking of a harpie eating me or Eliza, or Diana, or another of my friends, so naturally, I reached for my bow and an arrow, and I pointed it. Someone was in the shadows! I quickly came behind the thing, and reached for my knife to scare this thing, or at least show this thing I was armed. But, there was no knife. The thing, however, was also fast and had its sword pointed at my throat. I raised my hands in surrender. however, he didn’t kill me. He asked “Isabelle? Isabelle Amaya?” in a stunned voice. I pointed my flashlight at his face. I knew who he was. I’d met him before. “N… Nico. Nico di Angelo.” I replied. He just stared att me and said “What are you doing here? Oh gods, you wouldn’t happen to be… no. you Hunters wouldn’t know yet…”. I wondered if he was talking mysteriously just to annoy me. I asked him to get to the point. “Well, with Gaea’s giants rising, and stuff, a… few hellhounds may have escaped.” I stared at him. Finally, I asked “A few? How many?” He looked reluctant to answer, but he answered that 250 hellhounds have escaped. I stared, dumbstruck. After about 20 minutes, I told him I had to go. So, we may have a tiny problem.

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About Brave Tomato

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m an 19-year old girl from New Jersey. I’ve been a Poptropica Help blogger for 5 years, and I'm also a fan artist, fanfiction writer, occasional theorist, Youtuber, and an all around superfan nerd for Poptropica. My username is 1313cookie if you'd like to friend me.

6 thoughts on “A tiny problem

  1. Hmm… I know that name…. oh yeah! The Titan’s Curse! And Battle of the Labyrinth! And… the rest of the books starting from 3. Hmm… about the harpies and hellhounds… we could use bows and arrows for those flying harpies… and we could use close ranged weapons for the hellhounds.

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