Crowning Ceremony

I was nervously standing in an unusually large tent, holding the Lieutenant crown in my hands. I glanced at all the other Hunters. There Lily was, beautiful as usual, wearing a white shirt with a red skirt and tie, and black jacket. There was Sofia, with a black strapless dress. There was Icecream, wearing a pretty yellow and blue dress, clashing perfectly with her short green hair. There was Shadow, her hair glittering reddish orange in the light, with a formal skirt and shirt. Also Diana was there, with her blue black dress, her hair pulled back into a ponytail, glittering silver, almost. Then there was Eliza, glowing beautifully, with a pale lavender dress. And, there was me. I looked hideous. I was just wearing a dark blue-sky blue outfit, my hair just falling loosely. I thumbed the crown, waiting. Then, I saw a silver flash of light outside. I knew what just happened. “Lady Artemis is here!”, I called to everyone, my voice quavering, just a little. Artemis stepped out, obviously just back from hunting. She was wearing her silver dress with a black cape, hunting boots, and she was still holding her hunting knife. Her hair glowed auburn, just like her silvery yellow eyes. She came in, and stood next to us. “I  was hunting an army of drakons that Gaea has sent to Olympus. My foolish brother and I had to work together.”, she explained. “Why didn’t you call us?”, demanded Shadow, a great warrior, and her sword appeared in her hand. “We could fight!”, she said. “Yeah.” said Sofia, looking up. “We could’ve attacked them with unicorns!” This comment came from Icecream, and we all just stared ta her. Then, Artemis broke the silence.  Artemis smiled sadly at her and said “It’s best that you all don’t get involved.” And with that, she told us to get started. Nervously, I stood up. Eliza stood next to me, and Artemis stood next to Eliza. I looked into Eliza’s wise grey eyes, and I almost choked. She was nervous too. But instead of running away screaming, I put on a brave smile and started. “I, Isabelle Amaya, am giving up my lieutenant crown in the Hunters of Artemis group 2. I swear on the River Styx that I have chosen a better Lieutenant than I. I present the Crown of the Lieutenant to Eliza Williams, daughter of Athena. Eliza, do you accept the responsibility and honor of Lieutenant?”  Eliza cleared her throat and said in a brave voice “I do.” I went on. “Do you swear to the River Styx to lead the Hunters bravely, as Artemis would do?” This time, Eliza spoke louder, clearer. “I do.” I continued. “Do you promise to do whatever is best for the Hunters, keep others interests before you, and not choose a new lieutenant unless you are sure that this girl will treat the Hunters right?” She looked into my eyes. “I do.”  And I went on. “Who are your designated helpers?” She smiled at me and said “Diana Winters and Isabelle Amaya.” Then, I turned to Artemis. “Artemis, goddess of the Hunt and moon, do you accept this pledge to your service?” Artemis looked at me directly into my eye and said “I do.”. The fire glowed more brightly, and as I placed the lieutenant crown on Eliza’s head. When I placed it, a silver mist came from Artemis’s knife, and encircled Eliza. Then, all was still. Artemis spoke next. “Bow to Eliza, daughter of Athena, and new Lieutenant of the Hunters of Artemis!” Then, the cheering exploded. We had hot chocolate, ambrosia and nectar, and cakes. We all laughed and had a good time. I danced with Lily, and thought up magical creatures with Icecream, only to discover most of them were real. We played moon tag, and Pin the Arrow on the boy, which Artemis supplied us with the boy. It was fun, and then he got turned into a jackalope. Eliza and me smiled at each other, and promised to be best friends for forever. Literally forever. At the end, Artemis called Hephaestus to take a picture of us with the brand new ShootOlympus 2000. We smiled and posed.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom. Isabelle, Lily, Shadow, Diana, Eliza, Artemis, Sofia, and Icecream.

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7 thoughts on “Crowning Ceremony

  1. *sighs happily* I remember that night. It was all so much fun. The cake was delicious, the hot chocolate was sweet, and the ambrosia and nectar were dangerously addicting. Thank you, everyone. Thank you. Now, I know one thing: I AM ready.

  2. Congratulations Eliza, really! Also, congratulations to all the Hunters for managing to look so pretty. I wish I’d looked nice. I’m going to have to borrow all of your outfits sometime. Oh, and congrats to Diana to for becoming Lieutenant’s Hleper! Oh, and me too, I guess. Yay me! Anyway, we’re like… Lieutenant’s Lieutenants. Awesome term! I’m so smart! JK! 😀

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