Ok, the votes in the poll were unaccurate because a lot of people voted for their friends. So here, comment and say who YOU think would be good lieutenant. You may say yourself if you think you’d do a good job. Remember: Isabelle (ST), Diana (Red Heart), Lily (pSophia), Shadow (poptropicafan), Blair Maria (SK), Eliza (BT), and Icecream (Camigarrettt) are your choices. And, on a happy note, everyone is now an Archer, including Camigarrettt who caught up fast by being active. Also, a few of you skipped a few ranks. Those are: Diana is a Hunter in Training, and Eliza is a Hunter. See the About page for details. Also, Eliza, can you be a Hunter Trainer? Look at the About Page for Details.

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12 thoughts on “Lieutenant

  1. Yeah, I think I can handle the responsibility of being a Hunter Trainer. And BTW, I vote for Diana to be lieutenant, because with her being a good tracker and all, I think she could be a nice help to the Hunters when a monster comes near. Remember the sphinx? We couldn’t have known about it without Diana’s notice.

  2. I don’t know… I would vote for everyone, but as I can only vote for one person, I would vote for Eliza, as she’s a daughter of Athena, and she’s saved a bunch of times… Like when I dipped my finger in the Styx. And then when I ate too much ambrosia. And then, whoever becomes lieutenant gets two other assistants, whoever she chooses. These two assistants can stand in the front beside her, and in case the lieutenant dies, which will hopefully NEVER happen, one of these two will become lieutenant.

  3. *sigh* Sorry Isabelle, about starting question mania over here. 😳

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