Meet Starlight

This is Starlight, a mechanical owl I recieved the other day. Starlight had appeared on the Hunter’s camp site out of nowhere.

“Eliza, check this out!” Blair said.

I ran outside to see an adorable little mechanical owl perched on a log at the site. When it saw me, it tilted its head and flew straight towards me and landed on my shoulder. All the other Hunters gathered around me like I was ice cream or something. Isabelle stepped forward and examined the metal owl. The rest of the Hunters said things like “Aww… cute” and “Adorable!” and etc etc.

I was able to understand what the owl was saying. It said that it was a gift from my mom to help me out. I translated what the owl said to the rest of the Hunters.

“What are you going to name it?” Lilly asked.

At first, I was uncertain on what to name it. The Hunters kept  coming up with suggestions for names, and I finally settled on Starlight, for it was shining like a star. Starlight liked its name and hooted happily. It was pretty amazing how it could hoot like a real owl. Its going to become my companion, that’s for sure. :). Maybe Starlight can be a great help to the Hunters.

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