Time to vote for a lieutenant!

Ok, we don’t have 25 Hunters, but Artemis said to just choose a lieutenant now, Choose who you think would be the best leader.

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4 thoughts on “Time to vote for a lieutenant!

  1. Uhh… even as a daughter of Athena, I am unsure of who has the probablility of winning. I am still wondering… And, Camigarrett, you can share your story with us. I am eager to find out who you are and so are the rest of the hunters.

  2. Ok, here it goes.

    (My name is Icecream Sadness)

    Icecream Sadness (Call me stupid, but I am addicted to innapropriate comics)

    She glared into space on planet Cyanide and Happiness. She could see the real world as she knew it. A quiet hum went over and she saw a pack of Cyanide peoples waiting for her. It was her final goodbye from the planet. She was breath taking because she was doodled out of no wear. No from Kris, Dave, Matt, or the other guy. D: (I can’t type right. D:)
    She was a happyish person, and she was going to earth. With her emoish-short-neon green hair, she broke Newton’s Law of Gravity (CUZ IM A REBEL! xD) and left. She suddenly wobbled as she found out she was at a place, called Camp Artemis. (FAIL. D:)

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