Supermoon: The Truth

You may have heard stories about the Supermoon. How it’s close to Earth, and the catastrophes and stuff. Well, the truth is simple. It’s Hunters’ Day! This is the day that Artemis asked Hephaestus and his monsters to make her a bow, and magic arrows. And that’s how we got our arrows too. If you’re a mortal, reading this though… THIS IS FAKE! I have to say that. Or Zeus would blow me up. Anyway, it’s the day when we get to take a shower in moonlight! Anyway, Hephaestus will make The Arrows, which each Hunter will only receive one. They kill whatever you shoot, and everything within 100 feet of it. Try not to shoot them near us, or Camp Half Blood. It’s not our fault they decided to blow a few Cabins down. On a happy note, everyone is now a Hiller! Except Camigarrettt. She’s a Huntee now. Hiller’s get a belt thingy with a Celestial Bronze knife. Note: they do not work  on a bow. If you try this… well let’s just say that a tree nymph hates me a lot now. It’s not MY fault I shot it at her bark!

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  1. Oops. I would think that wasn’t a smart move too, Isabelle. Note: knifes and swords are for hands, arrows are for bows, but hey, you learn from your mistakes. BTW, I’ll save my arrow for an emergency.

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