I sense a monster…


Edit- Agh, this story is so old and dumb! Please don’t read it. It was not researched at all and doesn’t have a very good plot. D: So please don’t read. Or read it as a stupid attempt at a story. KTHNXBYE.

You may have not heard from me yet, because there was nothing to post about. But, I’m not called the best Tracker for nothing, though I am still a huntee. A monster is close to camp. It’s not very big. Not a big threat. But still be careful. Flat tipped arrows are fine for killing it. But if it catches you unawares, say goodbye to immortality.

Other than that, everything is buttercups and daisies. Have fun!

IsabelleTheHunter: Ok, thanks Read Heart. For now, we need Red Heart and me to stand in the front because she knows more about the monster, and me because, well because I’m the only one with pointy silver arrows. Everyone else stand behind and get the sides. Keep Camigarrettt in the back, as she does not have a plastic bow.

Diana P. Winters (Red Heart)- Okay, so this is how this story goes.

We were all waiting. The monster seemed to be getting awfully close, and Lady Artemis was at Mount Olympus, attending the Winter Solstice. The snow dropped gently, and my fingers stung with frostbite as I blew on them to get them warmer. I suddenly stopped and looked up. Icarefully took of my glasses and stuffed them in my backpack. the monster was close. everyone got alert as I stood up staright and said,”Arrows ready”.

Isabelle raised her silver bow, and all of us others raised our plastic ones. Except Camigarret, who was keeping look-out.

“I see it!” she shouted.

I could feel it too. Isabelle drew an arrow. I looked up in horror.

From the waist up, the monster was a beautiful woman. but she was crouching- she had the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and thetail of a snake. Sphinx.

“A.. Aren’t you supposed to be in the labyrinth?” I asked, staring at her.

“Silly Girl! You’re supposed to be clever. The Labyrinth no longer exists. Dedalus is dead”(Percy Jackson and the Bttle of the Labyrinth) she laughed.

Isabelle pulled back the arrow.

“Now for my question- answer it, or die” the Sphinx cackled.

“Eliza? A little help here?” I said. Eliza was a daughter of Athena. She could help, right?

“Which one is the odd one out- Athens, london, New York” the Sphinx asked.

I rolled my eyes. she may as well have asked me to recite the Alphabet.

I whispered my answer to Eliza. She nodded, and I said, confidently, “New York. It is a state too”

The Sphinx looked at me. She said, “Wrong!”

What! My answer was correct. Even Athena’s daughter said so.

“New York is the capital of a state. The other two are capitals of countries”

The sphinx raised a paw. Suddenly, Lily came forward.

“Oh, you are so beautiful from up! even more beautiful than I am. I am a daughter of Aphrodite!” she said sweetly.

As she said those words, I could believe the Sphinx could win Miss. Universe. It looked confused for a moment- only a moment.

In an even more powerful voice, Lily said, “Diana did not say the wrong answer. Please, leave us”

The Sphinx looked confused again. as the power of Lily’s charmspeaking slowly died out, the Sphinx smiled.

I looked at Isabelle. She was staring at her target. She left the arrow.

I turned to the Sphinx. She was staring,shocked. The arrow was staright through her heart. But…. but… another arrow penetrated her.

We looked up. Riding on a silver cahriot, was the most wonderul sight we could see- Lady Artemis. Her long auburn hair flowed behind her, as she put away her bow. The sphinx was dust. The threat was gone.

Lady Artemis landed.

“I am proud of all of you” she said, smiling. She looked at me, and I felt ashamed- If I had given another answer, the Sphinx would have gone away, no effort needed.

But Artemis smiled again. she said, “Come, my wonderful hunters.The Sphinx was wrong. Your answer was right. Ithink we all need some hot chocolate”


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  1. Umm.. the sphinx isn’t very smart. New York Cityis an area of cities including Staten Island, Manhatten, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. Albany is the capital of New York.

    • *covers mouth* Sometimes, I can’t control being smart. I sound like a teacher sometimes.

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