No Longer Unclaimed….

Ok, so me and some other hunters were talking about… stuff. Getting to know each other, you know? I didn’t get claimed until last night…

“Hey, Eliza. I heard you’re a demigod. Daughter of who?” Shadow asked.

“I, I don’t know. I’ve never been claimed,” I answered.

“Don’t worry, Eliza. Sometimes, the gods are a bit slow on claiming their children. Each one has their own pace,” Isabelle mentioned.

I sighed in impatience. I’ve only been outside the storm cellar for 2 days and still I haven’t been claimed. Just then….

“Um… what’s that on your shoulder?” Shadow asked.

I turned and saw a brown bird with huge eyes and an ability to turn its head really well perched on my shoulder. An owl.

“Oh, hey little guy,” I smiled.

Just then another owl landed on my other shoulder. And another. And another. It went on until my arms acted like owl perches on a birdhouse.

“What the?…” I commented.

“This-this can’t be a coincidence,” Shadow said.

“Woah. Thats a lot of owls. What’s going on?” Robin asked.

“The owl. It’s the sacred animal of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war stragedy. I think you’ve been claimed by her,” Isabelle thought aloud.

The owls hooted in agreement. Since when did animals learn English?

“So… I’m a daughter of Athena?” I asked.

“Seems like so. Eliza Williams have been claimed before our very eyes: as a daughter of Athena,” Robin said.

I’ve finally been claimed… I thought, I’m a daughter of Athena. ATHENA. Well… that explains all the honor rolls I’d had back at school.

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